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The smartest way to automate your Google and Facebook campaigns.

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Power of AI

Adohm's artificial intelligence engine helps you automate your ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and connected to millions of ad inventories around the globe.

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ADOHM - Now Advertise with Artificial Intelligence

ADOHM - The new age marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence will help to automate the entire advertising process, deliver impactful campaigns with minimal wastage of valuable budgets, lesser manual interventions and ultimately deliver higher ROI on ad spend.

ADOHM is designed to be a marketer’s best friend. ADOHM uses the power of big data and incorporates machine learning techniques, applied propensity models, predictive analysis and other AI applications to deliver highly personalized communication across multiple devices and channels. Built from the ground up using AI, ADOHM is a truly autonomous machine that requires little or no human intervention and is able to execute seamlessly across different paid channels, including mobile, social, video and display.

Brands can run all their advertising campaigns through ADOHM. The platform is designed to consolidate ad campaigns on different advertising platforms and also integrate with platforms like Google, Facebook, Yahoo & Taboola. Right from automating the media buying process to optimizing your campaigns, ADOHM takes care of time consuming tasks all by itself. All you need to do is, feed the campaign parameters such as target audience, KPIs, location, desired devices and channels, and ad creatives onto the platform. Using predictive algorithms and learnings from past campaigns, ADOHM will build profiles of target users and determines which ads should be shown where and when - processing the data and adjusting decisions along the way. The end result is precise ad targeting, impactful campaigns with minimal waste of valuable budgets, lesser manual interventions and ultimately higher ROI on ad spend. ADOHM is designed to make autonomous strategic decisions in regards with advertising campaigns that attunes with any brand’s marketing objective. This revolutionary tool is capable of eliminating the intricacies of modern advertising process.

What you get from ADOHM?

Autonomous Targeting

Autonomous Media Buying

Cross-Channel Execution

Testing & Optimization

Analytics & Insights

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Why Top-Tier Brands Prefer ADOHM?

  • Reduce advertising budget wastage
  • Simplified Media buying process
  • 24/7 campaign optimization
  • Provides valuable analytics and insights instantly
  • Significant increase in conversions and better customer engagement
  • Better campaign success


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