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What Runs ADOHM?

ADOHM uses the power of big data and incorporates machine learning techniques, applied propensity models, predictive analysis and other AI applications to deliver highly personalized communication across multiple devices and channels. Built from the ground up-using AI, ADOHM is a truly autonomous machine that requires little or no human intervention and is able to execute seamlessly across different paid channels, including mobile, social, video and display.

ADOHM learns and enhances itself with every interaction with incoming data. The sophisticated self-learning machine algorithms assess the data gathered and generate insights for predictive analysis. ADOHM can take autonomous decisions for cross channel platforms and allocate budgets, optimize campaigns 24/7 for better campaign success. The Artificial Intelligence enables ADOHM to constantly improve itself by understanding customer patterns and helping brands grow exponentially.

About ADOHM Adtech

ADOHM is an AdTech company specializing in artificial intelligence infused marketing platforms. It has been driving fully automated digital marketing campaigns for some of the leading brands across real estate and ecommerce industries. The objectives of hyper-personalization, maximizing advertising budget, analysing customer data and predicting customer behaviour has been some of the major challenges for modern marketer. Presently, machine learning enables us to make that fantasy a reality. Founded in 2012, ADOHM's mission is to simplify the complexities of modern marketing by using Artificial intelligence. ADOHM tracks customer patterns and a client's history of digital presence in order to prescribe content, realize what works and what doesn’t.

By successfully helping numerous brands advertise to their audience with ease and significantly reducing ad wastage, ADOHM is gaining huge recognition amidst result oriented marketers across industries and geographies.