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Constant access to customers by utilizing Big Data is rewriting the face of market segmentation. Integrating ADOHM into your brand’s advertising strategy will make it easier for further segmenting your audience which in turn allows ADOHM to send personalized ads and messages to targeted audiences. ADOHM empowers advertisers to target existing clients with the efficient use of Big Data and machine learning algorithms. ADOHM allocates astounding client information and through Semantic Search, Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning strategies, it is continually enhancing itself. ADOHM uses the massive amount of data collected and predicts the purchasing habits of audiences and hence can target prospects much efficiently. Integrating ADOHM in your platform makes personalized ad serving much easier, which in turn saves time and ensures better campaign success.

Dynamic Segmentation

As ADOHM has an extensive access to Big data, It generates predictive analysis of prospective customers, determines their requirements and efficiently divides them into segments and micro segments based on common interests. This makes it easier for ADOHM to deliver personalized messages to specific consumer segments. It evidently enables ADOHM to salvage resources that can be otherwise used for high value tasks. ADOHM carries out the entire process within no time and with zero human interference.

Pin-Point Targeting

ADOHM is capable in targeting each customer based on relevant data that is fed into its algorithms. This makes it efficient enough to pin-point customers for delivering hyper-personalized content based upon their individual preferences. This approach is getting widespread attention as its implementation allows marketers to recognize a wider range of new audiences across the globe. The comprehensive algorithms analyses data every second and discovers customers with similar search patterns constantly.