3 Things AI Marketers Need To Keep In Mind This Year

While we were still in awe of Sci-Fi movies, the reality of Artificial Intelligence barged open a world

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3rd March, 2018

Presenting The AI-Assisted Marketer

Manually sifting through spreadsheets, chasing tactics that are trending (even when you don’t like)

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28th February, 2018

5 ways ADOHM can help your in-house marketing team

There are numerous ways ADOHM can help your in-house marketing team overcome some of the

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23rd February, 2018

The benefits of applying AI in Digital Advertising.

AI is a hot topic in Digital Advertising. It has many realistic applications that currently

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20th February, 2018

Pointers to consider while onboarding AI Technology in marketing team

"2017 was the year when the brands were getting ready for the paradigm shift"

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16th February, 2018

Give the gift of Artificial Intelligence to your marketing team this Valentine’s Day

When Frank Alvis learned that his company has brought in a new AI-powered

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14th February, 2018

AI is breaking bad in Digital Advertising, but it is for our good!

Minus the hype surrounding AI and what you get is a real,

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8th February, 2018

4 Ways to ensure you're utilizing your customer data to the max using AI

Artificial Intelligence needs data, and data needs Artificial

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16th January, 2018

Marketing & AI The Facts & Figures

51% of Marketing Leaders are Already Using Ai

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10th January, 2018

Boost your B2B Advertising Strategy using Artificial

In B2B marketing, Account-Based Marketing has become one of the most talked about

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4th January, 2018

2018 for Advertising: Predictions & Trends

Brands will get aggressive to cut out the middlemen.

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3rd January, 2018

Targeting approaches made possible by Artificial Intelligence

Targeting is one of the major challenges faced by marketers.

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28th December, 2017

3 Benefits of using automation for your holiday advertising campaigns

If your products or service relate to the holiday season,

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27th December, 2017

Trust AI to help you make Media Buying related decisions

A subsection of advertising management –“Media Buying” happens

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19th December, 2017

Artificial Intelligence – A new solution to improve marketing campaign revenue

Being a marketer, one of the top priorities is to improve ad campaign revenue.

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15th December, 2017

7 ways to maximize your advertising spends using

Future of advertising is Automated,Personalized and Measurable.

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8th December, 2017

AI is here to save marketing and marketers

Ai is here to save marketing and marketers

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1st December, 2017

Ensure Efficiency Through Advertising Automation and Programmatic Media Buying

There is no denying that technology can and must play a pivotal role

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1st December, 2017

Hyper-Personalized Advertising made possible with AI

When it comes to creating ads there are two critical components

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14th November, 2017

Augmenting Advertising through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence opens up a world of endless possibilities

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3rd November, 2017

Machine Learning - The mechanics of AI

Artificial Intelligence opens up a world of endless possibilities

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4th August, 2017

AI in Marketing - The need for comprehensive platforms

As advertisers all over the world are meticulously adapting

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2nd August, 2017

Eliminating Ad Fraud with Artificial Intelligence

Ad fraud is on the rise and marketers are on the verge

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29th July, 2017

The future of Ad spending. TV or Mobile?

eMarketer predicts that mobile ad spending will account for 70%

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24th July, 2017

When Artificial Intelligence and Humans join forces..

Artificial Intelligence integrated into modern marketing has become an epitome

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20th July, 2017

Where does Artificial Intelligence fit in Marketing?

It is clearly evident that we live in an era where the utilization

Posted by Adohm

12th July, 2017

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