3 Things AI Marketers Need To Keep In Mind This Year

While we were still in awe of Sci-Fi movies, the reality of Artificial Intelligence barged open a world of endless possibilities. Digital marketing is one domain where AI potential has been much realized and is being applied in its present capacity. But as end-users of AI we need to keep certain things in mind

1. Quality data is top priority

Algorithms behind AI systems are not magical tools that will convert dust into gold. If the data fed is poorly measured, no matter how sophisticated you AI system is, it will fail to identify meaningful patterns. Surely quantity matters, but more important than the amount is the quality of data that requires utmost importance. Collect as many data points you require but focus on the quality more than ever since that will bring the most out of AI.

2. Understand the technology

You and your team of marketers need to have a reasonable understanding of the things you talk concerning AI, and how AI marketing tools and methods can be applied in practice. Though this may require training and upskilling, it is worth the investment. As AI tools become more common, you as marketers need to exercise fluency in this technology. You need not know how to use a hammer but you definitely need to know what and how it does.

3. Everything doesn’t need to be automated

A lot of digital marketing activities today are automated, which are based on certain decision rules set up by marketers. That is great, but automation works best when it offers obvious advantages over humans such as ad purchases to be done in milliseconds or running personalized ads in real time. Using AI to free up human time so to invest more energy and resources in creative processes and strategic thinking is what pragmatic and responsible use of AI calls for. Although automation is great, everything need not be automated just for the sake of cutting cost.


Using the right technology provider for your in-house marketing team can help you side-line most of the disadvantages of outsourcing the crucial activity of running ad campaigns.