3 Benefits of using automation for your holiday advertising campaigns

If your products or service relate to the holiday season, then you know how advantageous it is to run your ad campaigns continuously. Holiday means time off from work, not many of us would like to work. But in all seriousness, we still need to get the work done despite the holidays and all the inherent distractions. Have you considered advertising automation as a solution?

Automated marketing tools were once accessible only to big-budget brands, but are now available within the price range of small and medium sized businesses.Increasingly many marketers across industries are using these automation tools to make their life easier and most importantly, to make campaigns more effective. With these platforms at your fingertips, there are no reasons for coming up short on sales or delighting your customers during the most wonderful time of the year.

Benefits of using automation during the holidays:

1.Free up marketer’s time

Whether your business is seasonal or not, November and December are busy months for almost everyone. Automating your campaigns can help you to be more efficient with the limited time you would have. It also keeps your campaigns running when you have to leave for a party early or take a week off to spend time with your family.

2.Stay top of mind with customers

Advertising automation tools gather enough data to help you craft hyper-personalized messages for your customers. Your customers are more likely to feel a profound sense of accomplishment and recommend your product and service to their friends and family.

3.Increase Revenue

Advertising automation tools can be used to drive cross-channel campaigns. Highlight your promotions and offers in multiple channels throughout the holiday season to attract those last-minute buyers. Social and Search ads are a must! Get in front of the customers where they will spend majority of the time, and show them with an appealing ad why your product is a must buy this holiday season.