7 ways to maximize your advertising spends using automation

Future of advertising is Automated, Personalized and Measurable. Marketing automation tools can massively improve your ROI if implemented correctly. That is why we highlighted few ways to maximize your ROI using marketing automation:

1. Collect more customer information with smart lead capture forms

Your visitors will prefer these smart landing pages anytime than the other ones. You can also capture valuable data which can be used to improve your campaigns and increase your overall ROI.

How smart landing pages works? A customer visits your site and fills in the information – such as their name and contact details. Then when they return a second time, they will be directed to a new form that will ask them additional questions that might take them closer to taking the purchase decision. By implementing smart landing pages, you will make life much easier both for you and your customers.

2. Target high value leads with lead scoring

Lead scoring is a marketing automation process that allows you to identify and tag a lead as either warm or cold, before passing it on to the sales team. It does this by assigning points to each lead based on characteristics of each contact and/or the actions they’ve taken on the site. By using a lead scoring system, you can ensure that your sales team receive qualified leads only –resulting in higher conversion rates; hence the increased ROI.

3. Create targeted and personalized content

By using content consumption history and behavioral information collected by your marketing automation tool, you can show personalized ads to your customers. This means the content is living: it will be refreshed in real time based on the consumer’s changing consumption pattern and shifting preferences. Unique profiles are built on visitor’s data on past, current and changing interests.

4. Run more campaigns

Marketing automation tools acts like a smart member in your marketing team by automating your day-to-day marketing efforts and saving you time and money. Such tools can automate the entire advertising process, launch hundreds of campaigns with ease with little or no human interference. As a consequence, companies can increase their audience reach and produce more leads without having to hire another staff member to cover the work load.

5. Advanced Data Monitoring

Automation tools analyses customer data, historical, competitor’s data, keyword analysis, budget allocation across channels, inventory levels, site analytics, reports insights etc. and makes them available for you in one single place. Data amassing and analyzing at that level is humanly impossible for sure. These tools also have the intelligence to learn from these data and give you valuable insights from your data, allowing you to run more successful campaigns.

6. Multi-channel automation

Today’s digitally empowered customers interacts and encounters your brand from multiple touch-points; it is extremely important to make communications with your target profile sat the right time, with the right message, and through the right channel. With marketing automation, you can automate emails, enhance social media engagement, run a multitude of online campaigns, and manage your content marketing strategy, all from the same dashboard. These automation tools allow you to reach out to a wider audience with a smaller budget.

7. Monitor campaign performance

It is crucial to routinely monitor your campaigns performance and analyze data gathered from the campaigns in order to get advertising success. By using marketing automation, you can gather all of your marketing information in one place - which makes it much easier to monitor marketing campaigns and make strategic decisions forward to ensure campaign success.