Where does Artificial Intelligence fit in Marketing?

It is clearly evident that we live in an era where the utilization of AI can bring a plethora of new possibilities in any given sector. Especially in the marketing arena where the use of AI has brought substantial changes in lead generation, content management, optimization of campaigns, autonomous media buying processes etc.

AI in marketing has substantial uses as it is completely dependent upon transparent Big data. And that is what AI uses proficiently to execute time consuming tasks quite efficiently. The efficient use of AI can be seen prominently in almost every sector nowadays. From defense sector to the finance industry, AI has showcased its capacity to thrive proficiently in almost every turf. Artificial Intelligence is very important for marketers as it removes the minor occurrences of human glitches like delay, biased approach and other probable errors.

Listed below are a very few of the applications where AI is enforced :

Chat Bots

  • Chat bots are a comprehensive method for becoming a viable customer service channel as they are able to mock a human chat assistant.
  • The AI in chat bots answer queries from customers by efficiently utilizing keywords.
  • This technology has enhanced itself to such heights in order to deliver a personalized experience.

Dynamic Pricing

  • Dynamic price optimization can efficiently use machine learning algorithms to help in regard with the changing pricing and sale trends. AI then effectively adjust other traits to increase the productivity substantially.
  • Artificial Intelligence enables computers to think like humans, which can subsequently automate the processes of media buying, targeting exact audiences and can Optimize campaigns autonomously.

Social Semantics

  • Semantics can be described as the study of meaning of words, phrases or sentences by examining changes in meaning and form.
  • Semantic analysis looks at structured data - about the content it discovers and more to better understand whats actually on the page and deliver better results.
  • It is redefining the outlook advertisers use to efficiently target their prospects and deliver significant results.

The potentials of Artificial Intelligence in marketing are endless. By utilizing AI, marketers can sift through large amounts of data to determine patterns subsequently reducing the need for manual data analysis. When the trends are determined, marketers can increase brand sophistication in analyzing consumer information. Furthermore, it enables marketers to understand ecosystems familiar to customers. As AI can be more consistent than people, it is exceptional at delivering high-quality results which save us time, money and effort by promoting solutions, or products to the respective audience segments.