AI is breaking bad in Digital Advertising, but it is for our good!

Minus the hype surrounding AI and what you get is a real, detectable technology that allows us to solve real problems - like a marketer trying to market and advertise better.

Marketers need to know the basic concept of AI in advertising for them to trust the power of machines to help them out. This post will cover the practical understanding of AI as a technology and how it will help marketers to simplify the complexities of digital advertising and focus on marketing work they love: Strategy, Creative and Content.

Use of Algorithms

In modern business and technology algorithms are everywhere. Like that of Search Engine Algorithms which actions your query with billions of possible matches and decides in milliseconds which result would be most accurate for you and ranks them accordingly.

Below are few ways algorithms are used in advertising:

  • Campaign Strategy & Optimization
    Algorithms can take over complex decision making processes in advertising. They can dictate strategy for the entire advertising campaign, selecting the audience with the optimum value and determining the best place and time to display ads. Tools like ADOHM are built to do just that. With ADOHM you can use the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate Google and Facebook ads with great ease and also have better campaign success.

  • Deliver Customized Campaigns Targeted at Individual Level
    Latest personalized tactics go beyond demographic targeting and offer customized campaigns targeted atan individual level. Algorithms matches people based on their attributes looking at an identity graph. Algorithms can also use behavioural data and attributes to identify personality traits of individuals and match them with the optimal creative or product from a set of possible actions.

  • Reveal Customer Insights from Huge Amount of Data
    To crunch huge amount of data and match them to customer’s behavioural patterns it might take forever for a human, but AI can give data insights on the fly.

AI algorithms take help of millions of data points to profile the customers for ad targeting:

  • Geo-specific events

  • On-site intercations

  • Psychographic factors

  • Purchase behaviours

  • Past communications

Customer profiling by AI Algorithm:

AD Targeting & Re-Targeting

Artificial Intelligence can run through huge amounts of historical data and also learn from past campaigns to know which ads perform on which customers at which stage of buying. Using this data they can serve the most effective content at the right time. By using algorithms to constantly optimize thousands of ad variables you can expect better campaign results and higher ROI on ad spends than done by a human.

Similar to ad targeting, Artificial Intelligence can be used to optimize retargeting ads to determine what content Is most likely to bring back site-visitors based on data.

Final Thoughts

This quote by MARK CUBAN is spot-on:

“Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning – Whatever you are doing if you don’t understand it – Learn it, because otherwise, you are going to be a dinosaur within three years”