AI in Marketing - The need for comprehensive platforms

As advertisers all over the world are meticulously adapting to AI enabled platforms, the question arises. Which is the best tool?

Superior AI platforms like IBM’s Watson and several other integrated platforms showcase the efficiency of sophisticated machine learning algorithms. These modules have successfully exhibited their remarkable abilities to outperform humans. After Watson racked in the $1 million dollar prize, by beating two former winners of the famous game- jeopardy, the creators of Watson successfully implemented the program in health care. The creators of advanced platforms like Watson have decided to propel their innovations into marketing, envisioning the immense possibilities of the sector. The machine learning platform will analyze data from various resources and aid marketers by forecasting market movements. There are several other tools available that significantly helps marketers carry out similar tasks.

The problem lies in the fact that these tools plug into already existing modules to perform a handful of tasks that do not create a considerable difference for marketers. As marketers wish to implement advanced AI reforms into their current systems, the tools presently available are turning out to be rather insignificant - as they are not competent enough in solving the dilemmas that marketers face in the present day.

A handful of tools available nowadays carry out tasks like lead generation, others execute automated insights, etc. These tools cannot be perceived as a consistent AI reform due to lack of transparency and redundancy in performing numerous tasks in one go, that too without human intervention. Marketers require a comprehensive platform which would enable them to carry out labor intensive tasks.

How efficient is it to have one comprehensive and autonomous platform that can automate your media buying process and campaign executions?

The Solution - ADOHM

It will be a great advantage for marketers if a comprehensive platform is available that would be compact enough to carry out a diverse set of tasks like predictive analysis, lead generation, campaign optimisation and execution, cross-channel delivery, Autonomous media buying, etc. That is exactly what an advanced autonomous AI platform like ADOHM can do. Execute multiple tasks efficiently without any human intervention utilizing fewer resources. Advanced and autonomous platforms such as ADOHM utilises sophisticated machine learning algorithms to compile vast amounts of data from multiple sources and delivers results efficiently. By effectively integrating the comprehensive ADOHM, the requirements for testing and optimization tools, data analytics and insight tools are eliminated. That permits marketers to get rid of email automation software, media buying agencies, programmatic platforms, DSPs and A/B testing systems. That, in turn, saves a massive amount of resources. ADOHM has the potential to augment marketing strategies by competently automizing tasks that demand human assistance.

It is pivotal that marketers adapt to AI platforms if they wish to stay ahead of their competitors. Autonomous solutions like ADOHM will ensure efficient campaign optimization, cross channel delivery, delivery of personalized content, and identifies audiences across distinct geographies. ADOHM performs all this, all on its own. With the aid of advanced machine learning algorithms!