Augmenting Advertising through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence opens up a world of endless possibilities for the advertising community. The biggest challenge advertisers face today is in harvesting insights from a huge sea of data, let alone the tedious implementation. This is where AI steps in. AI’s deep learning attribute enables it to process enormous amounts of data in an extremely short span of time. With AI powered ads, you can create hyper personalized content for your customers. In other words, you can have unique versions of ad for every customer, resulting in a more captivating ad experience, and hence, a much-improved customer engagement.

The technology is fed with data and is programmed to respond in certain manners depending on the situation. More advanced forms of AI also include cognitive learning facets that enables it to learn from past incidents in order to optimize functionality. What makes AI very unique and much superior is its ability to process huge volumes of data which enables it to understand target audience profiles not just in terms of demographics, but also in aspects of consumer behavior and psychology.

AI infusion will make tasks such as self-assembling ads possible, where AI flawlessly assembles content for the right person at the right time, and optimization much faster, where AI analyses the effectiveness of campaigns and strategies through techniques such as split tests. Eliminating painstakingly time-consuming tasks is perhaps one of the most underrated applications of AI. Having tedious grunt works being taken care of, now you spend more time enhancing content, campaigns and strategies. Wouldn’t that save you much time and money?

If AI changes the way we advertise, it will also change the way we measure the success of ads. With AI you might no longer need to measure your ad success though CTR, Impressions or completion rates. The key measurement will be engagement rate and the actual time a consumer spends in viewing an ad.

From high speed data analysis to creating tailor-made content, AI can greatly accentuate the effectiveness of your adverts. With such ground-breaking possibilities, AI is here to scale up campaign efficiency and augment marketer’s efforts.