Ensure Efficiency Through Advertising Automation and Programmatic Media Buying

There is no denying that technology can and must play a pivotal role if you plan to survive in the digital age. The ad industry has taken on automation with programmatic media buys. 85% of advertisers have reportedly adopted programmatic media buys, 75% publishers support it.


Gone are the days of old where you had to manually purchase and sell digital ads. Not only were they time consuming,but also much demanding in terms of cost. Today’s advertisers need the real-time approach to advertising and programmatic media helps in that aspect.

Programmatic media buying refers to the use of software to purchase and sell digital advertising space. As marketers, you are no longer bound to contracts that obligate you into agreeing to run a certain number of ads since you can now customize the platforms, timings and frequency of your adverts. In terms of advertising space, AI marketing tools that enables Programmatic Media Buying systems removes the human bias from the media buying process.By incorporating AI into the media planning stages, everything can be reported by the computer, keeping the process transparent and open. Advertisers will know exactly how their money is being spent.

What makes programmatic media buying even more pragmatic is its real-time bidding (RTB) attribute.RTB is a type of programmatic advertising, but not all programmatic advertising uses RTB.Thanks to real-time bidding, ad buyers no longer need to work directly with publishers or ad networks to negotiate ad prices and to traffic ads. Using exchanges and other ad tech, they can access a huge range of inventory across a wide range of sites and cherry-pick only the impressions they deem most valuable to them. That cuts down the number of impressions wasted on the wrong users but also minimizes the need for costly and unreliable human ad buyers.


Programmatic solution makes buying and negotiating for ad inventory simpler, transparent and streamlined so that your team spends less time buying ads and more time strategizing and planning. With the media buying aspect sorted to a great extent by automation, have you considered incorporating automation and artificial intelligence in other aspects of advertising like sophisticated data analysis, creating customized campaigns, campaign optimizing or cross-channel campaigns? Automating your online advertising can have significant impact on your business. For instance, automating algorithms can optimize your online ads to create the highest CTR for your ads. This will reduce your CPC (cost per click) and save you money on the top end. It will also free up your most important asset - Time. When you use an automation platform, you are saving about 30% of your time!With automation, you don’t have to worry about keeping a close eye on your ads to make sure you’re not losing money.

Another great reason to adopt advertising automation is because it’s cheap. In the “olden days” you would hire the top advertiser if you wanted to run a great campaign. Now, you can just use a software and save oodles of advertising money.