The future of Ad spending TV or Mobile

eMarketer predicts that mobile ad spending will account for 70% of total digital spend. Advertising through mobile saw immense growth, allowing marketers to have a wider audience from diverse geographies. Statistics showcase the massive growth of mobile spending skyrocketing from $50.84 billion in 2017 to $65.49 in 2019.

Nowadays, marketing agencies who have not adapted autonomous AI marketing platforms report that they are finding it hard to pinpoint customer interests. Hence, consumers have been bombarded with invalid ads that are not relevant to them. As a result of this, Billions of dollars are wasted just for annoying people with irrelevant ads.

So how can marketers target the right customers for a better ROI?

Experts are of the opinion that more than half the world's population would have smartphones by the end of next year. As digital advertising is on the rise, Billions of dollars are yet to be spent in the particular sector. If marketers have to ensure a better ROI in their approach, it is imperative that they adapt advanced and autonomous AI marketing platforms. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence will propel advertisers through generating predictive analytics from proprietary algorithms.

This is where AI enabled marketing platforms leads the way, creating efficient marketing strategies by utilizing fewer resources. By meticulously dissecting pertinent information such as customer interests, demographics, search patterns and purchase histories, AI comprehends customer preferences and targets them effectively. By efficiently using AI in strategies, marketers can save millions if not billions that would be wasted through irrelevant targeting.