Give the gift of Artificial Intelligence to your marketing team this Valentine’s Day

When Frank Alvis learned that his company has brought in a new AI-powered advertising tool, he was annoyed first and surprised later. The tool was supposed to take over most of the day to day advertising tasks that Frank has been doing; deciding how much to spend, which ad to show to which target audience in which medium, and giving his valuable insights from the campaigns he ran. He had good reasons to question the efficiency of the tool because the tool was targeting a customer profile that was just not matching the product category.“ I do not want 60 years and above to be the target audience for the kid’s clothing brand, that’s absurd”, Frank yelled when he got to know that the machine was going in a different direction altogether.

“Resistance to disruptive technology is quite common”

Frank’s demand was accepted and the AI vendor made necessary modifications to override the tool’s recommendation and give control to Frank. What happened next was a real eye-opener! Frank saw that his decisions were not giving desired results. He realized that despite the targeted younger profile of the product, audience over 60 years were actively buying apparels for their grand kids, nephews, nieces making it a very profitable audience group. What Frank did next was quite obvious, he started his love affair with the AI tool.

This is the story of Frank. There are many Franks out there who have undermined the importance of AI-powered tools in advertising and marketing. AI has proven potential to take over data-intensive tasks and processes. But the adaptability needs to increase and marketing leaders need to trust AI to carry out their day to day marketing activities.


Resistance to disruptive technology is quite common. Specifically, the misconception around AI is more because it is one of the most hyped words today, there is immense transparency issue around it, and the technology can truly disrupt the normal working patterns. What AI enabled tools provider like ADOHM can do is help develop trust around the concept and send out practical applications and success stories of those “ early adopters” who have achieved competitive advantage by using AI like disruptive technology.

“Among companies that haven’t yet deployed AI technologies, 41% indicated that doing so is a priority”

As AI is deployed in company’s mandate usage of technology, the goal of forward-thinking marketers should be to make the transition really quickly. The sooner the technology is onboard, the faster your company would be able to see the potential results that are only possible by leveraging AI.