Pointers to consider while onboarding AI Technology in marketing team

"2017 was the year when the brands were getting ready for the paradigm shift that AI is going to cause" and 2018 is the year many of us marketers are considering to implement AI to improve existing advertising and marketing processes.

So far AI technology might have over-promised and under delivered. When AI technology is deployed properly, it can help to scale the existing day-to-day marketing tasks with less human interference. They not only help you save time and money, but also frees up marketers to focus more time on those distinct tasks that only humans can perform better – like creating and strategizing.

For organizations considering their own adoption of AI in advertising and marketing, this is how you can reap the maximum rewards that AI technology would bring in:

  • After deploying the technology, marketers need to play an important role in terms of feeding the AI driven tool with creatives, content and intriguing topics to start conversation with the customers. And the tool would find the best fit of customer profiles for those communications.

  • Marketers needs to clearly understand the tool’s capabilities and limitations before shortlisting the tool that would fit their exact requirements. A tool like ADOHM is used for automating Google and Facebook ads from one single point of execution. There isanother AI tool which will give live updates on the progress of the campaigns. And yet some other AI tool whose only tasks is to optimize; optimize budget, creatives, bids, target audience.

  • AI-driven tools will increase the level of marketer’s knowledge base and they will be more proactive, recommending strategic actions for the marketers, like – “let’s target these customer personas”, “let’s increase the budget for the Facebook campaign” etc.

  • Many marketers quickly accept that AI tools use complex algorithms to do what they are supposed to do. While many others would want to delve in deeper and would want to understand everything the tool thinks and does. For such inquisitive marketers, the AI tools should provide enough transparency and frequent insights, key observations and recommendations. This would further enhance the spirit of trust and understanding between both the parties.


“It goes without saying that the success of any AI tool depends upon the trust factor and building the perfect rhythm between the man and machine”