Presenting The AI-Assisted Marketer

Manually sifting through spreadsheets, chasing tactics that are trending (even when you don’t like) and digging your head trying to make sense of the huge pile of those customer data thrown at you. Still living in the past?

The digital age has no doubt enabled brands and consumers to connect better with each other. Although advantageous, the amount of information available today has made it extremely difficult for brands to utilize data to its full potential. But with Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing solutions, marketers are able to reach targets that were impossible yesterday. From creating compelling messages that connect with customers to always being updated on real-time data, and from performing grunt work to harnessing valuable insights, vital marketing functions have been not just simplified but bolstered multiple times enabling marketers to outperform their goals.

Though the benefits of AI in marketing are endless, it cannot reach full potential without a strategy. Having said that, here are 4 strategies that will guarantee any AI-assisted marketer reach its full potential:

1. Make Personalization A Mandate

Personalization has become the consumer’s expectation today. And delivering such expectations creates a sense of deep connection with the concerned brand. AI-assisted Advertising tools like ADOHM enables marketers to deliver personalized ads in real-time so that relevancy is highest and the result is maximum.

2. Join Consumer Conversations In Real Time

Being always updated on consumer trends, conversations and events, AI enables brands to interact directly with consumers at the right time. This enables marketers to influence consumers at the precise moment of their decision-making stage.

3. Moving To A Complete Omnichannel Approach

Consumers expect a consistent interactions with brands from each touch point to the other: a unified interaction from channel to channel. AI marketing solutions help you to implement an omnichannel customer experience. Customers can search for a product on their tablet, open it on an abandoned cart on their laptop and check out on a phone without having any repeated or incorrect communication. Every interaction from your side feels right at the consumer’s end!

4. Driving Predictive Marketing

Marketers need no more compromise on accuracy, speed, or reach! AI-assisted tools enables you to segment, build and analyze target audience based on past records of sales and progress, providing you better intelligence while targeting your audience.

With AI things that were impossible yesterday to even think about are possible today. ADOHM is here to transform the way marketers function and revolutionize the entire digital advertising game. Are you ready to become the next-gen marketer?