The benefits of applying AI in Digital Advertising.

AI is a hot topic in Digital Advertising. It has many realistic applications that currently deliver digital advertising efficiencies across companies - right from personalized ad delivery to highly accurate customer insights.

AI’s place in Advertising

  • AI advertising tools automates the set-up, optimization and reporting for your digital ad campaigns. The ad campaigns can be run with little or no human intervention.

  • Audiences nowadays have less tolerance to interruptive ads. AI can help serve personalized ads on the right device at the time most relevant to the customer.

  • AI powered advertising applications automatically tests and launches thousands of test campaigns to test a strategy that it’s algorithm has identified to have a high probability of success. Marketers does this too, but AI can get it done in a fraction of the time it would take for a human.

  • Using customer behavior and first-party data, AI algorithms create a wide variety of ad combinations that would have high probability of ad success without any human guesswork mixed in.


Among companies that haven’t yet deployed AI technologies, 62% of companies will likely be using AI applications in 2018. As marketers our responsibilities would be to make best use of technology in an effort to identify and utilize opportunities that further enhance our ability to make meaningful connections with consumers.