5 ways ADOHM can help your in-house marketing team

Ways ADOHM can Help in house Marketing Team

There are numerous ways ADOHM can help your in-house marketing team overcome some of the obvious challenges faced while running advertising campaigns:

1. Automated Audience Targeting

ADOHM micro-segments your audience based on interest, behaviour, device, location, age, gender, ad placement, language and many more. This kind of personalization enables personalized ad delivery.

2. Personalized Ad Delivery

With ADOHM you can create multiple ad campaigns and upload multiple ad creatives and ad copies combinations. ADOHM’s algorithms find which combination of creative and text work best for which audience and show only those ads which have high chances of optimal performance. This ensures each audience segment sees the right ad.

3. Ad Performance by 24/7 optimization

Basis on the set campaign objectives ADOHM optimizes the campaigns on multiple parameters. ADOHM will optimize in all aspects of the campaign to give you maximum campaign results. Optimization is done 24/7 through Budget allocation/adjustment, device/channel selection, creative match, target audience, geography targeting and many more.


4. Budgeting

Deciding which platform should get what percentage of your budget can be a deciding factor for your campaign success.

ADOHM’s advanced algorithms solve these problems by automating the campaign budget management. It will shift budgets throughout the campaign to ensure you’re spending on the right platform.

5. Scale

You can create and manage multiple campaigns through ADOHM’s interface. You can run Facebook, Google, Instagram campaigns from one single platform. ADOHM uses workflow automation to enable you to run campaigns on a large scale, avoiding repetition, to create, run and optimize multiple campaigns with ease.


Using the right technology provider for your in-house marketing team can help you side-line most of the disadvantages of outsourcing the crucial activity of running ad campaigns.