How to take your Online Advertising Agency to the Next Level in 2018

Online Advertising

The online advertising industry worldwide today is a multi-billion-dollar industry and is still getting bigger yearly. Already, companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. generate up to 90% of their revenues from the industry. With the ever-increasing number of digital devices available globally, people are exposed to more ads presently than they used to before the advent of the internet. To benefit from this continuously growing industry, online marketing agencies need to keep up with the times and adopt new ways of running online ads. Here are some tips to help you move your company higher up in the online marketing industry.

Stay Relevant

An online advertising agency has to be easy to locate online as it is very important that you have a relevant digital presence on the internet. Having a well-trained team is also essential as it ensures that your company has the required skills to stay in the loop about new changes in online marketing, so as to capitalize on them as they come in. Chances are that clients come looking for specific skills in agencies e.g. SEO or internet marketing etc. so if you advertise yourself as an expert in SEO, you need to have the ability to live up to that promise. Clients will also want to see how effective you have been in the past so having a noteworthy digital presence can pull more clients towards you.

Stay Flexible

As a growing industry, online marketing gets inflows of new clients looking to run online ads regularly. The online marketing industry is a constantly evolving market place so advertising agencies need to stay as flexible as possible. You have to implement an adaptable system as different clients are bound to have different tasks as well as goals. Embrace new and dynamic problem-solving techniques to help you adjust to customer needs and their feedback.

You could incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence to help provide solutions for cross-channel execution of your strategy as well as testing, optimization, data and process analysis and insights to help you automate tasks, gather important data and adapt to changing realities better. ADOHM are experts in this. Your entire advertising process will be automated such that you get a maximum result at a very minimal cost. Visit for more info

Apply Data

One of the advantages online advertising offers over conventional advertising is that it offers the possibility of gathering precise data about how effective your campaign is. As a media agency, compile a set of baseline key performance indicators and compare the data derived from your campaign to these KPIs to determine how well you are performing. You could also use already existing data to decide on what platforms you should use when creating ads. Facebook, for example, holds an 18% market share of the online advertising industry so knowing this could help you direct your focus towards Facebook as a potentially favorable ad platform.

Stay Competitive

As an online advertising agency, you will be competing with other possibly bigger organizations so you need to stay as competitive as possible. To stay viable and attract clients, it’s imperative that you are cost effective. To achieve this, you need to use affordable but effective advertising strategies e.g. strategic affiliate or email marketing campaigns. Using multiple but well-thought-out strategies can also be helpful in reaching more customers at the same time. For example, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared by individuals so adding images to your email or social media ads can help boost its reach.

Keep Your Clients in the Loop

It is important that you keep your clients abreast of how their campaign is progressing as an online advertising agency. This helps assure them of your agency’s ability to provide them with a valuable return on their investment at more reasonable prices than they would get by partnering with other online or conventional media agencies. Ensure that you communicate regularly with clients and in the event that it is their first attempt at online marketing, explain the data to them and make how it will produce tangible results for their business clear to them.