Is Cold Calling Still Useful?

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Top 10 New Prospecting Strategies Salesman Should Use

Cold calling is the act of calling a prospect that you have never made acquaintance with. This is a common strategy used in marketing companies to generate leads. This method has been facing extinction due to the increased number of people on the national do not call list, meaning a lot of people do not respond to calls unless you exist in their contact.

Although cold calling is a traditional sales technique, it is still feasible in today’s salesperson workflow. There are better methods to carry out these lead generations.

Lead Generation Alternatives to Cold Calling.

So how can we generate new leads without cold calling? Fortunately, there are other methods that can generate new leads but requires serious energy and hard work. Below are alternatives to cold calling that sale people can use to generate leads?

1) Share interesting content

Engage your prospective customers with interesting contents that can solve their business problems, either by creating a blog or building a social media handle. Once you establish an online presence that offers value, you will have an audience who will openly embrace your products and services. They see it as a way to reward you for your contribution to their lives.

 2) Engage in social media with the right people

The biggest mistake a marketer can make is to generate a wrong audience. Interfere with people who are interested in your industry or that fits into your ideal buyer profile. Engaging with the right audience will grow your potential list of the prospect.

 3) Join the LinkedIn groups and answer questions people are asking in your industry

Establish your presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, sometimes people go into this professional platform to find professional dealers, so, ensure your LinkedIn profile is outstanding.

4) Share the relevant blog posts or interesting articles in online groups

It’s not just about stirring the water in your own home, sometimes you need to engage in conversations that will make your content to be discovered by people on social media.

Create a series of incredible emails that contains vital information that will help your prospect and at the same time generate leads, maybe by adding a small form which they can use to contact you for more inquiries.

5) Track your web visitors’ behavior

Use AI tools to track your web visitors behavior, how many of them stayed long and how many just passed through, this will help you to know how to adjust your contents to interest viewers a lot.

6) Set up the email notifications when prospects are researching articles on your website

This is a way of bringing the attention of buyers to things such as demos, price lists, and product walkthroughs that have better chances of leading to sales.

7) Use an integrated and intelligent CRM system

Using an intelligent CRM system will greatly influence your overall system. This way, you will have better and personalized communication with each buyer.

 8) Keep in touch with the prospects after the sales process

Because a sale is made doesn’t mean business is over, ensure you continue to send your customers helpful contents even if they fail to purchase again for a long time. This makes your brand to always stick to your client’s head whenever he needs a product or service in your catalog.

 9) Ditch the call script

Don’t converse with your client like a programmed robot who have memorized all its content, talk with your client like a human who has a lot to offer.

10) Offer a free half-hour consultations on your area of expertise

After gaining credibility from your potential customers, you can offer free consultations to their challenges that are based on your area of expertise, through this medium; you will be able to tell them how your product can help.


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