Lead Generation Forms

Lead Generation Forms
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Lead Generation Forms


Many of us have our web form story to tell. Some of us have completed a lead generation form such as a sign-up form, registration form, or contact form and it was a great experience filling out the forms. Some of us have had a negative experience while completing a website form. Sometimes, it is difficult to locate the form on the website or for no known reason you can’t submit your response.

Lead generation form is vital for every business that has an online presence. They can attract web visitors and convert them to lead. It is disastrous to have a form on your website that leaves a negative impression on your visitors.

Top 15 Examples to Help You Convert More Leads

1) Slack

Slack forms are very easy to fill and they keep their steps simple. They first ask for your email, which after they take you to another landing page to complete a few fields.

2) Dropbox

Dropbox form contains four required fields and you can also complete the form speedily by using its option to sign in using your Google account.

3) Optimizely

When you click the get started CTA button at the top right corner of optimize landing page, a popup box appears which contains their lead generation form.

4) Sentient Ascend

The form highlights the compulsory and unnecessary fields to be completed. It also has an optional long text entry field to contain longer feedback.

5) Adohm Marketing Grader

Adohm also has a CTA and when clicked, it scrolls down to the bottom of the page where the lead generation form is. This saves your time from searching all over the website for its form.

6) Oracle

Oracle lead generation form has a description that tells you the reason companies use their product. They convince you to sign up by using social media as proof.

7) eHarmony

eHarmony lead generation form is positioned in a position that will make it the first thing you see when you load the page. They entice their visitor by informing them that signup is free, recall eHarmony is a paid dating service.

8) Microsoft Small Business Academy

The Microsoft Small Business Academy lead generation form leaves a little description that tells you the reason you should enroll for their webcast. They also add short bios about the webcast featured guests which increase conversion.

9) Lyft

The Lyft lead generation form is the first and almost the only thing you see when you open the website. You can sign up for a ride or as a driver.

10) Airbnb

The Airbnb website has a signup CTA which directs you to the form page when clicked. You have an option to sign up with your Facebook account or Google account to speed up the process.

11) Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps’ lead generation form is easy and simple to complete. It has a plain design making it resemble the rest of the company branding. It has a reCAPTCHA which allows only quality leads to complete the process.

12) SoulCycle

SoulCycle’s lead generation form requires only your email, username, and password, making it a process that can be completed in a few seconds.

13) Unico Nutrition

Unico Nutrition has two lead generation forms that pop up at a different time interval during the buyer’s journey on the website.

14) Leadformly

Leadformly’s lead generation gives you access to free trial when you sign up. This is an amazing one to convince an audience to sign up. Also, the form only requires an email address and password, this makes the process very easy.

15) Zillow

Zillow has a CTA button on its landing page and when clicked, it brings up a signup form in a popup box. When the popup box appears, the background of the website fades away, making you to fully focus on the form.


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