Ways to Become Persistent In Sales Without Annoying Your Prospects

Tricks to Be Persistent in Sales without Annoying your Prospects

Tricks to Be Persistent in Sales without Annoying your Prospects

There are points when we find a potential buyer to sell our products or service to, but how to do this without being annoying is a major problem. Most prospects get irritated whenever you try to pitch them a product or service. However, to break their guards which they have against salespeople, you will need to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Use these tips mentioned below to follow up a prospect without bothering them.

1) Choose the right channel to reach out

Whatever method you choose to use and approach your prospect either through a phone call or email, it is up to you and your sales organization. Some salespeople prefer to begin their approach with an email, while others prefer to begin with a phone call.

  • Email

Email is more visual, and it gives the prospect time to process what you are offering and may even connect you to the right person who needs your service or product.

  • Phone

Also, a call is an easy means to easily create a bond with a prospect immediately as human rather than those spam bots. A phone conversation is one of the best ways to generate conversion.

2) Use less formal channels to build rapport

Most sales personnel use phone calls and emails as their default method for communicating with a new prospect. But sometimes it is good to think out of the box. There are other means to communicate with your prospect that will allow you to be persistent but yet not being annoying. Here are some methods to use and communicate with your prospect.

  • Social Media

If your emails and voicemails are not creating any lead, you can interact on social media, these platforms enable sales personnel to build a more personal rapport to convince a prospect in having a conversation with you.

  • Referrals

You may encounter a prospect who doesn’t pick up the phone or respond to mail, and most unfortunate might not be a social media user, the best way to reach to this class of people is to run a referral program, many salespeople have generated lots of lead with this method.

Be persistent … for a reasonable amount of time

In a situation when you don’t get a response from your first voicemail/email combo, wait for a while maybe 2 days and try to reach out again, but this time restructure the value you are offering to your prospect.

3) Know when it’s time to call it quits

After trying for a while, it is good to consider sending a breakup email, letting your prospect know that you have tried your best to reach them but it seems it is not the best time to connect, wish them success in their endeavors.

4) Work the company, not the prospect

It all depends on the complexity of your sale if you have several people at your target account who are involved in the buying decision, connecting with all of the influencers and decision makers involved through prospecting may increase your connect rate with a target account.

5) Stay unemotional, and remember that prospecting is a numbers game

Some sales personnel dread connecting with a prospect because they don’t want to be rejected, they see it as a dent to their self-esteem, but you have to be unemotional in this game, some buyers are eager to talk, while some may never pick up the phone. Some may be busy at that moment and when you give up and fail to call again, you lose a potential customer.

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