What is the Future of Content Strategy

The Future of Content Strategy

The Future of Content Strategy

The Future of Content Strategy…For some years, content marketing has experienced some changes, this can be credited to the rapidly evolving search landscape, and the change in the method people are employing to discover content. There are a more sophisticated algorithm and changes in the way people use the search engines, this has made marketers adapt to this new way by developing a whole new strategy in content creation.  The system no longer works by you adding content to a poorly structured site and expect it to rank, rather, Google finds such content difficult to rank.

So what is the problem, should we stop uploading blog posts since the Google engine won’t read through? Unfortunately, that’s not the way out. The solution is to properly strategize our content, the way most content strategies are developed and organized are the real problem.

There are means to which these problems can be solved and drive high performing result from your marketing team.

Searchers are changing

One of the first ways to enable us to know how to organize our content is to be aware that the way people search contents online is changing. With the increase in mobile and voice searches, the method of queries has rapidly changed and is now even conversational. This is unlike the previous years where people entered segmented terms into search engines, now, people can ask search engines complex questions using full sentences,

Search engines such as Google have updated their engine to understand these types of queries through natural language processing.  Hence it is important for marketers to desist from their traditional view of keywords which has changed. It’s no longer like before where 10-20 big keywords are the most sorted in other to rank your website, today, there are thousands of long tail keywords that are regularly searched within a topic. Using a few dominating keywords is no longer effective for ranking.

What’s a Topic Cluster?

So what can be done to properly rank your website since the old traditional methods don’t work anymore? One of the best methods used is what called Topic Cluster.

The Topic cluster content program helps to cover across a range of core topic areas and also creating effective information architecture in the process. It can be seen as a pillar page that gives a broad overview of a specific topic. A pillar page is built for every core focus area.  There are other ranges of content that covers individual and more specific subtopics known as cluster content. This cluster content is linked to the pillar page. Also, each cluster topic page for the pillar is more determined in providing derail for a specific long tail keyword that is related to the main topic. Simply, the pillar links to each cluster page and in return, the cluster page is linked back to the pillar with same hyperlinked keywords.

The benefit of all these is that, if one cluster page performs incredibly, it will increase the search rankings for the other pages linked to the same pillar. Using this model for your web pages can help you to manage internal linking between each page, boost your search ranking and also create a better user experience for your visitors.

Creating more focused clusters on a specific topic will help you to focus on creating content that your audiences love. This will lead to more efficiency for your search marketing and you will spend less time wasted in producing repetitive contents that don’t even advance your search goals.

Questions to Ask

  • Before indulging in the use of topic cluster, these are important questions to ask yourself.
  • Firstly, does the topic you wish to rank possess enough search volume which is worth the time and effort?
  • Secondly, do you have previous content that covers the topic? If you do, you should use it and maybe add some internal links.
  •  Lastly, you should ask yourself if you are ready to cover the proposed topic in detail, if yes, then you can start creating your own topic cluster.

In conclusion, we should lay less focus in building contents on a keyword by keyword basis, rather we should focus to owning topics which will help us create better content, increase our exposure on the search engine and also create an enjoyable user experience for visitors.

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