What is Domain Authority That Every SEO should Know About

How To Improve Your Domain Authority

How To Improve Your Domain Authority


On page SEO is not sufficient enough to rank on Google. The search engine accounts for over 200 factors when it determines a SERP’s packing order, hence it is almost impossible to optimize your website using each for each of the ranking factors. There is one of the search engine most important ranking factor that can help to optimize your page — domain authority.

Domain authority was developed by the Moz, an SEO software company. Domain authority is a search engine ranking score that analyzes and predict the tendency of a website to rank on search engines result pages (SERP). The minimum score is 1 and the maximum score is 100. The higher the score, the more chances of your website is ranked.

Moz accounts for over 40 factors to determine a website domain authority, factors such as root domains and a total number of inbound links. A website that contains a large number of inbound links such as Wikipedia possesses the highest domain authority. Websites with little or no inbound links have a domain authority of one.

A good domain score is determining by the domain authority of the sites you are competing with on SERPs. Note that the duty of a site owner should not be to score the highest authority possible but to have a higher authority score to his competitors. You can use MozBar a free chrome extension to measure your domain authority. Also, this tool can be used to gauge the probability of your website to rank for certain queries and keywords. Domain score is also a measure of other domain backlink value.

How To Improve Your Domain Authority?

1) Audit your link profile.

Google chooses sites with good link profiles to others; it prefers your backlinks to link to highly valued sites with high authority, the search engines set this as a marker of an that your own website deserves authority and it is a trustworthy site.

2) Create compelling content

Google search algorithm is programmed to rank your content based off engagement metrics such as like total traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic through Chrome, time on site, bounce rate, SERP CTR and return visit. Hence ensure you always create a highly engaging content to bring in new leads.

3) Earn high-quality links.

Another way to improve your domain authority is by earning high-quality inbound links from websites with high authority score. You can use methods such as Backlink’s skyscraper to earn these backlinks.

4) Play the long game with domain authority.

You may not be able to control your website domain authority, but one thing is sure that if you continue to keep your link profile healthy, earn high links, and create compelling contents, then your domain authority will surely improve and also boosting your Google ranking and organic traffic.

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