6 Best Ways To Become More Adaptable At Work

6 best ways to become more adaptable at work

6 best ways to become more adaptable at workPeople who are into content marketing are aware that there is a need for automated marketing platform and adaptation to the ever-evolving ecosystem. You have to continuously be on the look to learn new skills quickly. You can be creating pillar pages and topic clusters today, and suddenly you are overhauling your entire social strategy because the Facebook algorithm update will seriously compromise the goal of the previous strategy.

Hence it is almost unarguable that adaptability is one of the most essential skills a marketer should possess. Learning how to learn and get comfortable in a harsh and uncomfortable condition, then you’ll be the expert generalist on your team. This will help you with the ability to handle almost any task and progress in challenges that come your way.

How to Be More Adaptable at Work

  1. Read one blog post from a different industry

Ensure you take the time to read other posts from different industries. With the presence of the internet, you can learn almost anything online. Hence, if you wish to master a new skill, the easiest way to go about it is to read content relating to the industry every day.

  1. Read books outside of your core discipline.

Reading wide across different industries is the best way to produce a new concept and idea. One can say Elon Musk is one of the most adaptable executives in the world because he is a magnificent reader that reads a lot. Musk reads two books a day in several disciplines such as science, fiction, philosophy, religion, and programming.

  1. Shadow colleagues on other teams.

Just reading may not increase your zeal to learn, nothing boost our mind to learn a new skill when a person goes into the field and see what is truly going on. This way, you will be able to use the skills and know how they use them to produce amazing works.

Going into the field will enable you to make the important decision; that is evaluating yourself if you fit the team or not. Shadowing other teams also puts you at an advantage in knowing how each department affects each other and how each person need to work together to achieve company goal. This is also an effective way to improve your team collaboration efforts with others.

  1. Take classes.

Classes are another effective and fast way of learning new skills, it has a distinct advantage over reading and shadowing. You don’t just learn new material in class, you also apply your acquired knowl3edge to real-world scenarios. Practicing is actually a better teacher than just thinking. Real world processes solidify your learning of new things and teach you more about the subject.

  1. Meditate.

There are two traits needed to successfully acquire a skill.

1. An optimistic view of life that also drives a strong belief in yourself.

2. A mental ability that gives you the capacity to acquire new skills.

Meditation is one of the ways to easily develop the two traits. Studies have shown that individuals who meditate for 30-60 minutes each day for 8 weeks had an increased matter density in their hippocampus, which increases your learning and memory, and at the same time decrease gray matter density in the amygdala, which is responsible for lowering anxiety and fear of failure or rejection. These individuals have built the mind towards having a more optimistic thought and less negative thoughts.

  1. When you get the opportunity, travel

Why traveling is one of the fun things to do during vacation, it is also a means to aid to grow into a better adaptable staff. When we travel, when being pushed out of our comfort zone, so, our body quickly adapts to the new environment. There is a need for you to engage with new people who practice different cultures. This will help to remain open to new experiences, which will increase the willingness to venture into a new thing in the future.

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