Ways To Motivate Employees

5 Effective Ways to Motivate Employees

5 Effective Ways to Motivate Employees

Emily Russon says that morale is the attitude of employees to coming to work every day. It also covers their response to tasks and attitude concerning the direction the company is taking.

When the employee’s morale is low, it can be disastrous to the company; there will be a decrease in productivity and quality of work. The rate of absenteeism and turnover will gradually increase.  But when the morale of the employee is high, the company will grow. Workers will enjoy coming to work and will give in their best to ensure the company grows. The employees will show a more positive attitude and loyalty towards the company.

These are five ways to motivate or increase the morale of employees

  1. Improve Workspaces

As little as it may be and often neglected, the physical environment has a huge impact on the morale of employees. Simple things such as lighting can improve the morale of employees.

Lighting have a tow on or emotions, bright light makes people happy and feel alive, it can make your employees feel more energetic, thereby boosting productivity. Dull light has a reversed effect, it reduces the morale of the employees to be involved in anything, all they want to do is to sit down and sleep.

  1. Incentivize Performance

Improving the physical environment of your employees is important, actions such as verbal appraisals are great. When an employee invests so much effort than required in the company, you should go beyond verbal appraisals and reward them physically.

Cash bonuses are not always the best incentives according to research, few little tangible rewards such as a catered lunch, casual Friday, or paid time off, may be more appreciated than a cash reward.

  1. Improve Communication

Another killer factor is communication; it is obvious that even in a relationship when there is bad communication, the relationships crash. This is the same with a boss and his employees when there is poor communication between them; the job becomes more challenging and difficult because instructions are not clear. If you improve the chain of command and communication, you will see a boost in the morale of employees. They will truly appreciate your effort in fixing up things.

  1. Offer Greater Independence

Today employees who are the millennia employees are totally different from Gen X and Baby Boomers generations who are used to punching a clock regularly, obtaining a two weeks’ vacation per year and also performing repeating tasks over and over again.  The millennial generation wants to have more freedom, independence, and flexibility. And they are very easy ways to satisfy these kinds of employees appetites. Be more flexible with their scheduling and allow telecommuting during work hours.

  1. Care for Your Employees

Employees know when they are just considered as factory workers who go in, perform a task and check out. This weakens their morale to go beyond working for the company. They want to be treated with more respect and not just as mere workers, they want to be cared for and encouraged. When you always concern with your employee’s morale, it can change the entire feel of your organization.

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