Ways To Select The Best SEO Company

Ways To Select The Best SEO Company

Ways To Select The Best SEO Company

A business cannot stay relevant in today’s digital world without an online presence. And just having a website or a social media page isn’t enough. A website needs a whole host of things like good, relevant content, mobile friendliness, and ways to help people find what they want to know about a business and the services it provides. But your business could be the most beautiful in the world with all kinds of content and none of it will matter if people can’t find it when they type in a search on the web. Essentially it needs Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Ways To Select The Best SEO Company

1) Does the SEO Company Provide a Track Record of Success?

You’ve probably heard the phrase that it’s more about the impression you leave with people than what you actually do. In looking for the best SEO company, both parts play equal importance. A good SEO company will have a proven track record of success and can show other businesses in the same industry are satisfied with the work provided.

2) Do They Personalize Service?

A proven track record of success is one of the most important things when looking into an SEO company. But a close second is knowing the company will take time to understand your business and what makes it unique and valuable to customers. On top of understanding your business, it’s important for them to understand your customers and target audience.

3) What ROI do they achieve for clients?

Good SEO for a small business website can be invaluable in bringing in new customers. But the return-on-investment for SEO can be hard to measure. The biggest indicator of SEO success is to monitor how your company’s keyword rankings improve on a search engine and should steadily rise over time.

4) How do they provide customer service?

With anyone you do business with, you want to know they’re reliable and the team you work with is responsive and supportive. Good SEO companies are no different. They will be someone you can work with easily, learn from, experiment with, and someone who genuinely cares about what will be the best options for your business. They will show personal care, and not treat your business like just another client on a sheet.

5) Are they transparent?

Ultimately, if you hire an SEO company, it’s to improve your business website. And you should know the steps being taken to optimize it. Good SEO companies are transparent at every step of the way and will provide ways for you to keep tabs on the work and progress being made. Good SEO companies keep a detailed record of work being done month after month in a format that shows you exactly where your money is going, like a dashboard. Custom reports will contain results of strategies taken and show the improvement over time in key benchmarks.

6) Do they set proper expectations?

Good SEO work is just that, work. It takes time and effort to take your website to the first page of a search engine because you have to earn it. You don’t lose 10 pounds by going to the gym once. And good SEO companies won’t promise overnight results either.

7) Do they utilize white-hat tactics?

Have you heard the term black hat? Made popular recently by several TV shows and movies, it refers to unethical or illicit ways of getting things done online. Bad SEO companies employ black hat tactics that could actually end up hurting your website in the long run.

8) How do they price their services?

When your business partners with anyone, of course you want to make sure you’re getting a good deal and that it’s affordable. Often in SEO, quality and affordability are at odds because companies sacrifice one in order to achieve the other. Good and comprehensive SEO requires time intensive and skilled labor.

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