Strategy To Set Customer Service Goals

Strategy To Set Customer Service Goals

Strategy To Set Customer Service Goals

Everyone aspires to be great in life; we all have goals and dreams. These dreams are not far from reach, if we believe and work towards it, we can accomplish these goals. There are questions to ask yourself to ensure you have a goal that can be accomplished.

What Are the Right Customer Service Goals?

  1. They’re measurable.
  2. They’re attainable.
  3. They’re clear.

5 steps To Set Customer Service Goals

  1. Coordinate goal-setting with other parts of the company.

The major focus of customer service goal is to optimize customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals. This is better than the large marketing and business goals set by some teams.  Also, this doesn’t mean your goals shouldn’t align with the rest of the company when goals are coordinated between teams, you are sure that your company will continue to have a single mission and vision.

  1. Set clear tactics for achieving the goals.

You should ensure you have clear and consistent tactics that can help your team achieve its goals. Tactics are the actions or steps made to ensure a goal is achieved.

Consider this; if you have a goal of increasing customer retention by 5%, then you may have considered the following tactics.

  • Increase employee training in areas such as live chat and social customer service, for a better result
  • Writing and scheduling more thank you and “we miss you” notes
  • Offer a new weekly newsletter that contains original content and helpful tips.
  1. Challenge your team beyond its comfort zone.

Not all attainable goals are easy. You should also be able to distinguish attainable goals, unattainable goals, and challenging goals. For example, setting a goal of increasing customer retention by 58% in one month is unattainable. Setting a goal to maintain current customer retention is easy. An attainable and challenging goal is increasing customer retention by 5%.

Your team may get bored if they are always doing the same thing without facing any challenge every day.  This boredom can lead to laziness, incompetence and other negative effects. This factor can also be easily eradicated by giving your employees some fresh goals to work towards every month.

  1. Track individual and team progress.

After assigning different employees to work on different tactics, it is also important to track the progress of each team members and the entire team. This will help you to know the root cause of any disruption that may occur and also the tactics that may have led to success.

  1. Meet regularly to discuss changes.

Because you set a goal to achieve doesn’t mean you must stick to it, especially when it becomes critical that there needs to be a change. Let’s assume you had a goal to have a 5% increase in customer retention which made sense at the beginning, but along the line, you discover your tactics bringing better result than expected, it is reasonable to change the team goal.

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