Ways To Use Data To Increase Engagement

Ways To Use Data To Increase Engagement

Ways To Use Data To Increase Engagement

DMP goes beyond helping you to optimize your advertising strategy. When you connect your DMP to your content management system (CMS), you create a powerful tool which can attract new readers, drive more return visits, and increase engagement.

Here is how to use data to increase engagement
  1. Content Personalization

The data collected can give you a better understanding of your audience, regarding when and what they read or watch, to the device they use and more. With this information available you can serve your audience with better and more engaging content. Contents that are optimized for the device, time of the day, and even language. This makes them feel the content was specifically designed for them.

  1. Dynamic Content Creation

Also, increasing engagement goes beyond content personalization. When integrated with a CMS, audience data can determine the type of content that users see on your website in real-time. For example, a news publisher may reveal users that consistently show interest in Apple’s stock performance and thereafter serve them with content related to Apple.

  1. Content Targeting

DMP also goes as far as gathering the behaviour of users when they visit other websites.  With this information, you can serve them content or advertising based on the data you retrieved whenever they come back to your site. Let’s consider an example, a male user consistently visits your site, and your data shows that he has a keen interest in basketball. Then the third party data also reveals that he’s searching on the web for information about wearable technology. When you pass this information through your CMS, it will help you to serve the user with content about the latest wearable technology in the NBA. You may also serve him with targeted ads for wearable devices, hence boosting the overall performance of your advertiser’s campaigns.

DMPs and CMSs are great tools but when you use them together you gain an amazing result. It helps your content to coherently resonate with users. Doing all these will help to rapidly increase engagement, user loyalty, and increased revenue for you and your client.

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