5 Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your PPC Campaign

Improve The Performance Of Your PPC Campaign

Improve The Performance Of Your PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click is now one of the most popular ways of advertising which have proven effective over time in respect to driving instant and quality traffic that will ensure you get the impression you need for your business.

However, Pay Per Click can show your ads to a desired audience at the instance they need your service or product.

Pay Per Click is so trendy that it is now an alternative and innovative means of increasing traffic to your website. Nevertheless, you need to work hard, think strategically, plan properly, and continuous inspection.

Most times, what occurs is despite you putting a high percent effort, some of these campaigns may not go as planned. To worsen the issue, most times, you may not know why your campaign is not as successful as expected.

 1.Choose a platform for your PPC campaign.

The first thing you have to do when running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is knowing the platform that will run it. The trendiest Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign amongst other marketers is the Google Ads. However, social platforms like Twitter, Facebook can also serve as alternatives for PPC advertisements.

2.Determine your ad budget and bidding strategy.

The amount you can give for your clicks you get on the placement of your ad depends on the budget you assign for your PPC campaign. On platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you get to choose the increments you want to pay in for your budget, whereas, you are required to set the daily budget on a platform like Google Ads.

3.Create a negative keyword list

Negative keywords are essential, as they enable you to keep in-tact by not allowing your ads to get triggered by irrelevant search queries. They aid in ensuring that your ads are only visible to those that are searching for your offer.

Negative keywords provide you the opportunity to remove any unwanted traffic, and in so doing, helps you to save money that you would have lost on unnecessary clicks.

For instance, if you sell new generators, you can create ads that say New Generators as the keywords. However, the ads can pop up when users search for Fairly-used Generators, Old Generators, and Repair Generators.

But because you sell only New Generators, not fairly-used, old or repair, it is useless getting attracted to these ads as it brings in no income.

4.Perform Competitor’s Analysis

Competitor Analysis entails you finding out who your competitors are, the strategies they use, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

It is a very critical part of your Pay Per Click campaign because it gives you excellent access to a lot of information about your competitors. The information you get allows you to improve your PPC campaigns, and also ultimately increase your conversions.

Conducting a reliable competitor analysis requires that you know:

Your competitors

What they sell (The products/services)

The strategies they use

Their strengths and weaknesses

The nature of the threats you get from your competitors.

5.Personalize your interests, target audience, search terms, and your interests.

In all Pay Per Click campaign platforms, you have the avenue of selecting the people you want to see your ads. The section “who” of Google Ads encompasses the location of your audience, their interests, apps they frequently use, and the things they search.  You also have the opportunity to design custom audiences using your audience’s affinities, and custom intents. By so doing, you ensure your PPC campaign gets to the right people.

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