Build a Better Understanding of Customers,Get a Competitive Advantage

Build a Better Understanding of Customers

Build a Better Understanding of Customers

Comparing your company’s website of today to that of 10 years ago, you would notice that the site then was more like a digital brochure that has only little elements of basic contact information. Using the approach of 10 years ago would be like wearing your mother’s jeans to Coachella.

With the rapid growth in technology in general and the expansion of cyber technology in particular, an ever present and influential online presence that yields success is a wonderful, fulfilling and meaningful experience that results from being able to inspire and garner the trust of your customers, showing them care and empathy, and making sure your products and services are useful to them. Your major aims should be to predict or forecast the problems and needs of potential and new customers, provide solutions to these problems and keep a free-flowing relationship between you and them by giving them concrete reasons to keep on doing business with you. This introduces the concept of Grokking, which is to understand and communicate through empathy or intuition.

Creating and keeping an ever-present online profile is easier said than done, it’s really a bit difficult in practice because some other events might occur or due to human instabilities amidst other factors. Sometimes, having a very vast web content that might not be in tandem with what potential customers need might be an issue. This brings us to the issue of streamlining the contents of your sites to meet specific needs of your potential or new customers.

This can be solved by considering the trends in customer behavior rather than customer demographics. According to Justin Gray, the CEO of LeadMD, a Scottsdale, Ariz based top-notch marketing technology company; Standard demographic data does not forecast accurately the needs and desires of customers because they can only provide information about their existence through customer profiles and not their needs or how to reach them.

You should get data about people that can influence your sales or decisions about what you sell and create their profiles. This technique is called “Creation of Buyer Persona” by Marketers and can be very helpful in getting potential customers for you as it may give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Let’s take a cue from this data from a well-renown statistics outfit, Demandbase/Ziff Davis who through research discovered that just 36% of marketers keep their focus on buyer persona when creating new content. When creating your content, you need to consider not only your ideal customer but also how and where they work or live. Are they always on the go? Are they always online or offline? How do they source information? What and who influences their decisions to buy or not to buy? Which blogs or website do they frequently visit?

Other questions to ask are: Are they social network freaks? Which social media do they frequently use? What factors can propel them to make a purchase or close a deal? Do they belong to any association? What are those associations? What events do they attend? Do they react to your prospects on Facebook or Twitter? Do they read recommendations on Pinterest or Yelp? By doing these you would belong to the wise 36% of marketers.

Getting these much needed information can be done through various ways. You could do a questionnaire session with each of them by interviewing them and speaking face-to-face, calling them on the phone or you might query current customers when they make purchases. Though, you might experience some hitches as some might be grumpy, some disrespectful, some not willing to talk while others might be outright rude. But the end result is what really matters.

Knowing who to sell to, why you are selling them and how they buy makes your job a lot easier. According to Gray, The Buyer Persona becomes the root of how we talk to our customers.

Adele Revella of the popular training and consulting firm, Buyer Persona Institute based in Puget Sound, Wash says that “Effective strategies can be deduced from well recorded and insightful Buyer Persona such as strategies for product launches, campaigns, messaging or content marketing or even sales alignment”. She further says that thinking of this key customer insight is your secret weapon as it gives you a competitive edge over your customers when you know when, how and why buyers look for an answer to the problems you address.

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