5 Signs You Need To Observe Before Your Business Sinks

When ones business is booming and moving without hitches, one may think that the brand strategy that he/she is using is working. But is it really true? Do your marketing messages and materials bringing in the required results? If no is the answer, it might be high time to overhaul your marketing strategy or do a marketing makeover.

There are some red flags that would make you know that all is not well. When you see any of this danger signs happening in your business, its high time you go back to your marketing drawing board. The trick may be to rebrand your strategy, adjust your value proposition or modify the existing strategies before the red flags turn into unavoidable and regrettable catastrophes. Some of these signs are:


Major brands always deliver and do not comprise their quality in every brand interaction. Having unrealistic and/or inconsistent messages and false imagery often confuse customers and this may cause them to turn away from your brand and go in search of one that would constantly need their needs and expectations. In your website, you may need to redesign any signage or advertisement and marketing material that look like they come from different sources and streamline them to come from one source.


You have to take time to determine your business objectives and then streamline your brand and marketing strategies to be in tandem with your goals and objectives. If you have not carved out your short-term and long-term goals, then your marketing efforts might not really help your business.


Knowing those that are relevant to your business, where they are and how to reach out to them is key to driving your business results that you anticipate for. Failure to identify your target audience and how to connect to them might lead to time wastage in building relationships with people who might not really be of significance to you. Define your target audience, know what they want, know the messages that matters to them. Only then will you find where your target audience spends time watching television, listening to radio, reading blogs, on social media and so on and then you can reach out to them and deliver the relevant information and conversation they require.


It’s always necessary to define the boundary between being social and self-exaltation. Socially, when one always talks about himself at all times it would become difficult for people to hang out with him/her. So you need to differentiate between being social and bragging about yourself and your achievements, with the former being socially acceptable. Take some time to get to know people-in person and on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn-and create strong and lasting relationships with them. Try to nurture this relationship to aid build strong brand advocacy and loyalty. Don’t disturb people with marketing messages but engage them with meaningful content and conversations.


You need to bring your competitors closer, take a look at their messages and check if they outshine yours in any way then make a change where necessary. Even at this, the general idea is to stay ahead of the line without copying your competitors’ marketing strategies just because you want to have an edge over them. If you sound or appear lesser than your competitors in whatever way, there might not be any concrete reason for any customers to do business with you. Know your niche, identify what differentiates you from others and what you can offer your customers that they cannot. Once you have established these differences, make them known to the world through your branding and marketing strategies.

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