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IPAAS Working Procedure
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Saas Company is known as companies that sell software to users in the form of subscription. They also assist with technical support, customer service and upgrade options to ensure users are able to use the software without issues. These are mostly sales and service software offering artificial intelligence in marketing that can help grow a business.

The major challenge is that users rarely use just one software rather they use several software from different authors until they find a perfect combo. Users want software that produces instant feedbacks and solutions to their problems.

It can be costly for companies to add more tools to their existing software and also with the increasing demand for perfection from customers; it is difficult to meet the needs of these customers.

Also, software companies are known for their segregated system that is merging data from the cloud and on-site systems to create their own stack. And research has shown that marketers are aware that integrating disparate technologies is a barrier to success. Hence there is a need to create a smooth experience between consumers expectations and internal systems.


IPAAS (integrating platform as a service) could be the solution to this disconnection. The integrated platform service connects the different system to produce a unified solution to users. It allows integration and data sharing. IT provides the unlimited potential to platforms, and it has become integral to every business model.

What is IPAAS (Integration Platform as a Service)?

IPAAS is a cloud-based platform that acts as a conduit that connects different systems, technologies, and applications within the cloud. It also grants access to the deployment and maintenance of integration flows, regardless of the absence of hardware or middleware in an organization or between an organization and a third party software.

How does IPAAS work?

IPAAS is the supplier of the infrastructure needed by software companies to create connections and deploying software applications within the cloud.

It’s the responsibility of the software company to set parameters to the type of connections allowed on the platform. The parameters could be in the form of API or other rules.

Once the rules have been put in place, IPASS takes over from there and create a central ecosystem to view, modify, and manage data, operations, and infrastructures. This will hence allow consumers to easily modify their product, or share information to their market.

Benefits of IPAAS:

The benefits of IPAAS can be viewed from two dimensions; the company the employees IPAAS (internal), and the benefits to the users of the company that employees IPAAS (external).

1. External Benefits

Users benefit from IPAAS in several ways such as:

(a) A Single Solution

IPAAS contain all the packages in one, instead of users to merge several software to solve their problems, they can use the platform that connects several software in one convenient cloud-based location. This platform has helped in eliminating the need to source technology from different locations.

(b) Organized Data

Users can easily reach their data in one place and can also set rules on how the data is organized or accessed. So, despite working with several systems, they will provide data in an easy to interpret manner.

(c) Improved Communication

Since IPAAS is a single platform, it means there is a single source of truth, hence data is shared in the same environment and no important information is lost. No one is left out, and everyone has equal access eliminates misinterpretation.

2. Internal Benefits

Businesses also need integrated solutions, they use disparate tools such as marketing software, email providers, and documents sharing to run their business.

(a) Real-Time Processing

IPAAS give room for real-time data sharing and processing which helps to eliminate delays in access, and also provide a quick solution.

(b) Increased Efficiency

IPASS eliminates data loss, confusion, and inconsistency; this is done by creating a centralized system to manage the parties involved.

(c) Centralized Management

There is a single virtual view to manage all connections across the platform, rather than having a team manage different integration, this time they can all be accessed from a single console.

IPAAS Vendors:

Below is a list of IPAAS vendors, this list will help you narrow your search for the best IPAAS partners:

  • Dell Boomi
  • Informatica
  • Jitterbit
  • Mulesoft

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