10 Best Marketing Technique In 2019

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Best Marketing Technique of 2019

Previously, content marketing was the boomer of the day, all you had to do was to write a good blog post, and pray with hope that it ranked on Google, and then you send it to your email subscribers, and upload it on your social media profiles, this was basically all that was needed to be done.

Today, things have become a lot different, and to know much about the effective marketing techniques today, here are 10 of the best marketing techniques for 2019.

Learn how to run more impactful, measurable marketing campaigns:

1.  Shows:

Neuroscience believes that according to research, story telling is the best method to grab people attention and impound information into their memories. The human brain always craves, seek out and respond to the most creative narrative.  Hence, don’t underestimate the power of story telling in marketing, as it is one of the easiest ways to resonate with customers.

2. The Pillar-Cluster Model:

People rely on Google to provide them with the correct and best answers to their questions today. Google gets this done by understanding the intent and context behind every single search, and it does this by recognizing topical connections across the user’s queries. It looks up to previous users queries and brings up the contents that best satisfied those previous users.

3. Email Subscriptions:

The easiest way to be informed about the latest stories and news is by subscribing to your favorite online publications via email. And according to research, it has been proven that on an average six to eight touch points will generate qualified sales leads.

4. Historical Optimization:

A discovery was made about organic traffic in blogs, and it was discovered that the major traffic generated, was a result of the contents published prior to that month. And 76% of their monthly views came from old posts.

Also, it was discovered that 89% the monthly blog views are as a result of posts that have been published at least six months ago, and bloggers have developed a strategy to refresh and republish old historical contents.

5. Podcasting:

Edison Research and Triton digital published a study that proved people from 12 years above listens to online audio content at unprecedented levels. People spend up to 17 hours every week listening to their favorite podcast or online radio shows. In 201 there were more than 14 million weekly podcast listeners.

6. Link Building:

High-quality inbound links from websites and pages with high authority are very important for your domain authority.

7. Social Media-based Public Relations:

Over 30 % of the time spent online is mostly on social media, people today spend more time on social media than ever before. Today, public relations professionals are changing their strategy, they don’t just place their stories on news outlets, they can also use AI social media tools to inform their audience of the latest updates.

8. Audience Segmentation:

With the whole digital noise in today society, irrelevant contents won’t get the attention of anyone. A good marketing campaign considers leveraging audience segmentation, which separates your target market into specifics such as demographics, behavioral, and psychographic information.

9. Brand Extensions:

Big companies are known for their tactics of developing new products in industries that they own no market share, for the sole purpose of extending their brands. This is known as brand extension or brand awareness.

10. A/B Testing:

A company has a set of different customers, hence there is no single formula know for designing an optimal website or building an effective product. To know the best website or product to develop is to find out what your unique customers prefer or desire.


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