13 Types Of Landing Pages And How To Pick One For A Campaign

Best Landing Pages For A Campaign
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Types Of Landing Pages & How To Pick One For A Campaign

Landing pages are always loved by people, especially marketers and leads. Some even spend the night thinking about them, while some think about how to design them to suit their needs or wants. These are lead drivers that are optimized, tweaked, updated and even tested.

Be you a social media marketer, paid marketer or even blogger you must have a healthy relationship with the landing page. There are times where you would ponder on the necessity of the existence of landing pages and their benefits but they are always available and aid in increasing conversations, bringing in new leads, driving in the much-required traffic to the others at hand and even going a long way to convert leads into successful sales.

1. Squeeze Page:

Squeeze pages are one of the most essential and important landing pages we have. 79% of B2B marketers have affirmed that e-mail is the best method for demand generation.

2. Splash Page:

The splash page is often used when a prospective customer clicks on a social media or content link, it appears as an intermediary page instead of the article or social media destination to come up directly.  It does not necessarily have lead capture as the main objective.

3. Lead Capture Page:

This is very similar to the squeeze page but sources more information like Name, business name, e-mail address, job title, industry, etc. these are just a few fields that these landing pages seek to gather information on.

4. Click-Through Landing Page:

Providing value to your customer before demanding pay is a well-known principle to every marketer. This landing page provides the necessary value without barricading the customer with the “buy now” option until they are satisfied and ready.

5. “Get Started” Landing Page:

This landing page should lead while your offer would be above the fold. Take for example the page from MailChimp, which illustrates their far-reaching benefits: tools that turn audience data into insights that will guide campaigns.

6. “Unsubscribe” Landing Page:

It is obvious that campaigns are not built around the unsubscribe page, but it is important to put it into consideration. Ensure to successfully unsubscribe your users, give them an opportunity to manage their preferences or adjust the cadence, and include links to other areas of your website.

7. Long-form Sales Landing Page:

On this sales landing page, you need to be exhaustive in your explanations. You should bring up every question your customer might ask you, every bottle-neck they may encounter when making a purchase and every benefit to be derived from making such purchase. They should get this relevant information when they scroll to the bottom of the page.

8. Paid Advertising Landing Page:

You would throw away money for nothing if you do not send customers the right landing page(s) when they click on your paid ads. Generally, the major aim of the paid advertising landing page is to generate leads from the ads and not necessarily to generate sales.

9. 404 Landing Page:

It is very necessary to make these pages look as good as possible even though they are never good looking and also to make them work for you as well. Become creative with 404s, turn errors into humor and always re-direct your audience back to the homepage or other neutral landing pages.

10. “About Us” Landing Page:

This page does not necessarily have to be a dead end. Convert this to a lead generation page as well.

11. “Coming Soon” Page:

The “coming soon” page is used to launch an exciting new product or service that you are not yet ready to reveal the full details or offer or even an incomplete landing page. This landing page is kept as simple as possible.

12. Pricing Page:

This landing page is used to entertain customers when you are unveiling new pricing or product tiers. Nevertheless, your pricing page should be the most optimized pages on your website.

13. “Thank You” Landing Page:

Even though this landing page might serve no true purpose for some cases, it is important to appreciate your customers. Put your “Thank you” page to work by including additional offers and gifts that are eye-catching




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