Best 5 Examples Of Real Estate Ads For Facebook And Others

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Top Examples Of Real Estate Ads For Facebook & Other Platform

 What’s the purpose of an ad?

It is used to advertise your business, service, or product. Ads raise the level of enlightenment about your offerings.

In the area of real estate, ads serve as an important source of information on the services you render or the homes you intend to market.

Online advertisement has become very necessary, with up to 50% of people purchasing homes finding their choice home on the internet.

So, how can you use ads to spread awareness for your business?

Real Estate Ad

Real estate ads serve as a necessary tool for promoting real estate companies and realtors. They can be in various forms (e.g., video, text, image). And they all serve the same purpose: to spread awareness about your business.

Effective ads, including Facebook ads, should:

  • Be visual
  • Be relevant
  • Include a value proposition
  • Have a clear call-to-action

Here are some of the best real estate ads. Plus, we’ll dive into what makes them so special.

Real Estate Ad Examples:

1. Facebook Real Estate Ad from

The aim of this ad is to show that the realtor is a top real estate agent in the area and also a local expert. The visual is free of a cluster and clear, and the call-to-action is “Let me help find your dream home!”

2. Facebook Real Estate Ad from Zephyr Real Estate

Real estate agents can make use of Facebook ads to expose their listings. This ad from a Zephyr Real Estate agent exposes their listing details, a well-lit photo of the home, and a call-to-action to see the home.

3. Video Real Estate Ad from Windermere Real Estate

Windermere Real Estate produced cinematic commercials that emphasized their tagline: All in, for you. They emphasize the way their agents go the extra mile to give their clients the best service.

4. Video Real Estate Ad from Redfin

Redfin’s video Ad makes use of humor to captivate the audience, and it is sweet and short. The advertisement speaks on the key emphasis of Redfin’s services and the reason people should work with them.

5. Print Real Estate Ad from Corcoran

Corcoran’s Live Who You Are Campaign included a series of high-quality prints. The campaign had its own hashtag, #livewhoyouare, so people could participate in the conversation.

You will be able to get more clients and reach out to new contacts, making use of effective real estate ads. Looking for more? Check out these real estate marketing ideas next.


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