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ADOHM’s intuitive platform interface blends with advanced AI functionalities for creating, personalizing, testing, launching and optimizing highly relevant cross channel campaigns. ADOHM distinguishes which crowds are progressively and less inclined to change over, organizes channels with high potential for transformation, applies bits of knowledge starting with one channel then onto the next and handles information with ease. Concerns for overspending and dedicating unnecessary man hours spent on strategies that do not deliver and underperforming channels are a thing of the past. Based on analysis and insights, ADOHM suggests the most accurate investment decisions possible, at any given moment.

Cross Channel Campaign Executions

ADOHM is the revolutionary platform that can optimize campaigns and can generate productive insights. It carries out autonomous budget allocations across various channels proficiently, after recognizing channels where campaigns are most probable to perform.. The algorithms analyze the campaigns that perform among certain customer segments and carries out real-time optimization of campaigns, effectively. The machine learning algorithms enables it to deliver autonomous tailor made approaches and campaigns that affects ROI significantly.

Understanding the Customer

Marketers realize the importance of understanding their customers on an individual level. ADOHM classifies customer information across various segments and determines the efficiencies of campaigns run on different platforms. It also runs tests for the data collected and creates valuable insights that can be used by ADOHM and its Administrators for a refined and hyper personalized approach in future campaigns. ADOHM is entirely capable of rendering ongoing campaigns as well, with ease. It monitors the downfalls of any campaign that did not perfom according to the preferred regulation.

Autonomous Campaign Management

Managing various campaigns across channels and keeping track of the performance rates of each campaigns has proven to be a frustrating task for marketers. ADOHM carries out 24/7 optimizations of campaigns to determine which campaigns should be scaled up and which ones should be abandoned. Unlike it’s human counterpart, ADOHM does not require sleep or recurrent coffee breaks. The advanced marketing tool carries out thousands of calculations and campaign optimizations every second - across numerous channels coming up with reports that emphasizes on the current performance of campaigns. The watchful eyes of ADOHM gives attention to pertinent details as such, staying ahead of present trends.