For an Enterprise business, there's the need for a functional marketing and sales arm; something that can maintain quality Customer Relationships and that can help measure how the business ads that have been put out are doing. ADOHM provides all of these features at a go.

ADOHM uses Artificial Intelligence to identify which customers would likely engage with an advert and what type of advert they will likely engage depending on their past actions. This feature uses predictive analysis and it is designed to be a marketer-friendly solution. All you need to do is, feed the campaign guidelines such as target audience, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), location, devices and channels, and ad creatives onto ADOHM.

An enterprise that uses ADOHM, you get features such as Autonomous Targeting, Autonomous Media Buying, Cross-Channel Execution, Testing & Optimization, and Analytics & Insights all in one. You also get a system that can manage customer relationships, as it has a contact center solution integrated within it. With this contact center solution, a business can reach its customers on across social media platforms, through email marketing and also voice calls.

With ADOHM, you can run tailored search ads, video ads, social ads, and display ads across all platforms; some examples of these platforms include Google and Facebook. ADOHM can also optimize these ads on these various platforms according to the user’s needs, thereby eliminating waste.

No matter how big the business is, if you can’t market to your customers and if your customers cannot reach you, then the business is doing something wrong. ADOHM allows your business to market and reaches customers that you need to reach while helping businesses cut down on what they spend on these features.

Finally, ADOHM has a lead enrichment feature, where businesses can get more information on their prospects and rate them before any contact is made with them, making work more efficient.