Marketing Suite

Marketing Suite Overview

Haven't found a single platform where you can run all your digital campaigns from?
ADOHM powered by AI is the right fit for your business to boom. Brands can now run multiple campaigns through a unified platform with ease now. The platform is designed to consolidate ad campaigns from different platforms and also integrate with platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram & Taboola. Right from automating the media buying process to optimizing your campaigns, ADOHM takes care of time-consuming tasks all by itself 24/7. All you need to do is, feed the campaign parameters such as target audience, KPIs, location, desired devices and channels, and ad creatives onto the platform.

With ADOHM’s personalized, scalable marketing suite, you can easily achieve your marketing goals. Our suite doesn’t only fit into the current size of your business but it also grows with your business.

  • Let’s Bring Your Ideas To Life : ADOHM’s Marketing Suite meets your KPIs and addresses your objectives. With our visual workflows, you can power your marketing strategies and communications, no matter what your goal is.
  • Get Improved Results : ADOHM’s Marketing Suite also helps you create and organize automated communications. This way, you can develop measurable results and get the best of your marketing strategies.
    Even more, you can increase your database’s value using advanced email automation.
  • Make Subscribers Your Customers : With ADOHM, you can use marketing tools to react to your contacts’ actions, helping you reach your goal. You can create conversion paths

Have a look at our extended features:

  • Omnichannel support
  • Email dashboard
  • AI based Ad Optimization
  • Ad management

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