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ADOHM analyses historical, competitors data, keyword analysis, budget allocation across channels, inventory levels, site analytics and reports insights/recommendations to the administrator. All these insights will be applied at the time of executing and optimizing the campaigns. It also analyses the keywords fed, ad inventory level, budget allocation across channels and sites/landing pages to draw patterns among converted customers. ADOHM will empower result oriented marketers to get essential insights at their fingertips . Recent advances in the marketing sector with the advent of advanced platforms with self-learning capabilities are able to predict customer interests and execute personalized approaches.

Task Management made easy

Modern day practices have created troublesome experiences for result oriented marketers. They are left with duties such as data allocation, campaign assessment & optimization etc. Furthermore, generating accurate insights in regard with concurrent data analytics is time consuming and might get diluted with human errors. With truly efficient High-end AI self learning and analytical capabilities, ADOHM executes all these tasks in less than a fraction of time when compared to its human equivalent. ADOHM carries out these tasks with much ease, creates insights and reports, efficiently communicates its findings with its programmers and suggests tactics that possess a higher probability of success.

Autonomous Critical Reasoning

The profound ability of Artificial Intelligence enabled marketing platforms to generate accurate decisions on matters with precision is changing the industry in its entirety. ADOHM not only analyses the data amassed, but generates solutions for problems that may arise in campaign executions. It calculates the probability of success in running diverse and tailored strategies across customer segments. This subsequently suffices the requirement for a human workforce.