Small & Medium
Businesses (SMB)

For a small and medium business owner, a solution that helps you totally automate your advertisement process, providing you with insightful, target oriented campaigns and a higher Return on Investments (ROI) is a solution you should invest in. That is what ADOHM provides.

ADOHM uses the power of Artificial Intelligence, fused with Machine Learning techniques to execute advertising campaigns seamlessly. ADOHM requires very little manual intervention, which is a welcomed idea for small business owners as it handles every part of the advertisement process from start to finish.

ADOHM reduces wastage that would be inevitable in a manual advertising process as it builds profiles for target users, determining which ads should be shown to them and when it should be shown to them. ADOHM is also designed to make advertisement decisions on its own, which leads to having impactful campaigns with almost no wastage and with a lesser budget.

Small business owners could take advantage of what ADOHM provides, as all the advertisement needs across various platforms that include Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are sorted out without hassle. It also provides ways to optimize your ads in real time across all of these channels, making them even more efficient. It can optimize ads based on age groups, based on which day of the week it is and also based on hat device the end user is accessing with.

Finally, ADOHM measures how your ads are doing online, measuring metrics to see which ads are doing good on which platforms, and those that are falling behind and aren’t doing so well. ADOHM is capable of stopping those ads that aren’t doing well on whichever platforms they are and autonomously target the ads where they would actually be efficient.

As a small or medium sized business owner, you go through enough stress already trying to keep the business running; ADOHM is here to make the marketing part of your business easier.

Why ADOHM is best for Small Business

Analyze and forecast
your sales

Engage through call,
message and phone

Stay on top of your