As a startup, there is a lot going on from the recruitment of staff to the day to day activities and running of the company, to searching for and pitching products to possible investors. Then there’s the par to getting known by end users, making sure whatever it is you’re selling as a startup is recognized by the exact users that need them and that it is packaged in the best possible way. In comes ADOHM.

ADOHM is a one stop AI-powered marketing solution that ensures every penny you put into advertisement as a startup is worth it. ADOHM cuts out all of the possible waste using predictive analysis to determine who should be advertised to and how they should be advertised to. It also decides when it’s best to advertise to a particular demographic of end users through optimization techniques which include Age group optimization, day of week optimization, and device bid optimization.

ADOHM offers a customer intelligence platform where data is segmented into insights allowing targeted advertising, content customization for online, offline, and mobile. It captures all the customer data, tracks users, and understands them based on what they do online, which influences advertisement decisions.

Advertisements that include search ads, video ads, Social ads, and display ads can all performed on ADOHM, and they can run on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and so on.

ADOHM can also function as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool as it is capable of handling customer inquiries across platforms. It can help with voice communication, SMS chats, and social media.

A solution that makes marketing and sale seamless is one that any start-up should consider as it would help stay within budget and also help make work done in a more efficient manner. Your start-up should be using ADOHM.