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ADOHM runs truly diverse test campaigns to determine the strategies that work and the ones that don’t perform as per the set KPIs. ADOHM can perform A/B testing which is not humanly possible, it’s AI testing capacity can instantly give the critical information you need to get the right content to the right audience at any given time. ADOHM has the potential to correspond with its programmers and broadcast the information that it has anticipated. The administrator has the full authority to determine which information can be used and which strategies can be implemented based on real time results. It optimizes every campaign variable that can be accounted for by the platform as ADOHM algorithms grows stronger with more historical data. ADOHM utilizes its advanced platform to power autonomous ad exchanges and automatically optimizes ad campaigns that require intense labor.


ADOHM tests customer data across numerous variables including demographics, purchase patterns, etc. This ensures that all data variables are checked considerably for targeting more audiences across a wider spectrum. ADOHM analyses even miniscule amounts of data that could be left out by human hands, and carries out extensive research which changes consistently according to consumer interests and search patterns.

Curated Content

The advanced marketing platform also performs consequent tests on creatives and regulates a constant flow of curated content. ADOHM recognizes the quality of creative content that is fed into its algorithms and efficiently communicates with its creators if better ideas are required. It maintains a steady flow of curated content that promises an extensive increase in interactions.

Device Testing

ADOHM is made up of comprehensive algorithms that can track customer activities and post interactions across several devices such as laptops, mobiles etc. ADOHM possesses the ability to evaluate the customer engagement for every device and can significantly optimize its campaigns across devices.